About Us

🐾 I grew up terrified of all kinds of animals, I was never raised around dogs. Although I was afraid, I always thought they were very cute.

When I started dating my husband, he thought it was very weird that I could be afraid of such a small and sweet dog. So he helped me to overcome my fear by slowly getting me acquainted to a dog that his brother had at the time.

 A couple years later, we now have a Schnoodle dog named Nala, and she is my best friend. She is always by my side, even at night. Having Nala in our lives have changed my perception on dogs. She is like my very own daughter and has been by my side since the day we adopted her.

As my daughter, I am always purchasing products for her and spoiling her. Which is why I became interested in starting my own business selling dog products. As an accountant, I’ve always wanted to own my own business, and I saw the opportunity when I came up with the idea of selling fashionable items that my very own dog loves.🐾