Size Guide

Your fur friend is unique! Use this Size Guide to find their perfect fit.


For better accuracy measuring your dog, we recommend using one of the following methods:

- A flexible measuring tape like a sewing tape.
- A piece of string or rope and then measure it using a ruler
- A paper measuring tape you can print using the link below

    U+2192.svg  Measuring Tape  U+2190.svg


    Measure where your furry friend’s collar usually sits to get the correct neck measurement (and chest if you are purchasing a harness). You will need to leave some extra room. You should be able to fit two fingers beneath your measuring tape.


    Please note we will not be responsible for any wrong sizes.


    The size chart below can help you estimate which size collar or harness should best fit your dog. Sizes may vary between different products. Please make final size selections using the sizing for the actual product.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at